Parul University
International Conference on Engineering and Technology
( PiCET 2024 )

3rd May 2024 - 4th May 2024

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About PiCET

Parul University International Conference on Engineering and Technology ( PiCET )

PiCET-2024 is dedicated to establishing a global forum where academics, researchers, and scientists can come together to delve into the dynamic landscape of emerging technologies in Engineering and its allied branches.Our conference features distinguished keynote speakers, presentations of original research papers, engaging poster sessions, and in-depth technical discussions.

Furthermore, PiCET-2024 offers an invaluable platform for budding students and researchers to directly interact with subject matter experts, facilitating knowledge exchange and mentorship opportunities. Alongside academic discourse, the conference also opens doors for industries and institutions to exhibit their cutting-edge products, services, innovations, and research findings.

Building on the success of our previous editions, PiCET has consistently facilitated the exploration and analysis of evolving trends in Engineering, emphasizing the transition towards the 'Smart Engineering' era. Join us as we collectively shape the future of this exciting field.


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What they are saying about us

These research topics are excellent, relevant, and timely. They position Aurora University at the forefront of new Smart Technologies, offering participants valuable exposure to current research areas.

Dr. Jemal Hussein

Professor at Faculty of Science,
Engineering and Built Environment,
Deakin University, Australia.

Sustainability in engineering and tech at PiCET was fascinating. I explored the University, met talented students, and saw their innovative projects and ideas. It aligns with National Education Policy goals. Kudos to PiCET

Prof. (Dr.) T. G. Sitharam

All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)

The transformation of theoretical science into applied science, championed by PiCET, promises a significant impact on people's lives. I'm grateful for my participation in this event, and I look forward to future opportunities to share more insights.

Dr. Mohammad Nami

Brain, Cognition and Behavior Unit BrainHub UAE

I attest to the valuable learning experience PiCET offers. Delegates not only present their research but also gain insights from others. In today's fast-changing tech world, these conferences are vital. They highlight the need for sustainable technologies as we tackle new challenges

Prof. (Dr.) Anil Sahasrabudhe

National Educational Technology Forum (NETF)

The University places a strong emphasis on Sustainable Development Goals, particularly in the context of advancing electricity infrastructure. It is poised to lead in education, healthcare, pharmacy, and more, with a promising outlook for the future.

Dr. Yogendra Kumar Mishra

Professor MSO and Leader of Smart Materials group at Mads Clausen Institute,
University of Southern Denmark (SDU),
Sonderborg, Denmark


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